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by BMI The Meriden Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
I feel very

I feel very privileged to have had hip surgery performed by Mr Faisal in December 2019. What a gentleman he is! Absolutely approachable, thoroughly understanding, completely honest, totally positive, and explicit in his detailed description of what to expect. A delightful man who never made me feel I was wasting his time by asking so many questions. I’m still getting pain in my buttocks but Mr Faisal assured me today that it is from the hamstrings, due to them having to 'relearn' their role after many months of my walking in a different way to accommodate the pain radiating from my painful hip. It will improve in another few weeks. That awful nauseating pain in the groin and joint areas I'd had prior to surgery disappeared as soon as I woke up after the operation. Mr Faisal assured me that after two weeks I would be off regular medication and he was right. Now, four weeks later, (after two physio appointments,) I feel like a new person. I must also give full credit and congratulations to all the staff, nursing and ancillary alike, as well as the physiotherapists at BMI Meriden. What a wonderful team you are!

by Warwick Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
Mr Faisal conducted a

Mr Faisal conducted a minimally invasive hip replacement on me on November 12th 2019. Immediately after the operation, he confidently told me I would be discharged the next day, and on discharge, he also told me I would be driving after 3 weeks, which was also correct. The information Mr Faisal gave me before, during & after the procedure was invaluable to help me understand how to manage my recovery. The quality of the surgery, particularly the small, neat incision, along with very little post-op pain was superb. Mr Faisal has an excellent confidence-boosting way of communicating, which I would rate as equally important with surgical skills. His whole team at The Nuffield deserve praise for the quality & kindness of their care. My only suggestion for improvement would be that Mr Faisal could clone himself, giving freedom from pain to twice as many people. I look forward to limping back to Mr Faisal's consulting room with my other, failing hip in about 11 months. Thank you

by The Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
I had a total right

I had a total right hip Superpath replacement at The Chase Nuffield Warwickshire on 15th November and I am very pleased with the outcome and the speed with which I am recovering. I had a spinal anaesthetic, after consultation with the Anaethatist, which proved a good choice as I was fully asleep (after sedation) for the operation, and afterwards was awake and very alert without the normal post general anaesthetic side effects. I was able to get out of bed and start walking with a walking frame the following morning, and soon using crutches. I was discharged on the 2nd day after Mr Faisal had visited me, reviewed an x-ray of the new hip, and the Physio team were happy I could walk up and down stairs. Since discharge I have made sure I took my painkillers as prescribed (really necessary to enable me to get active again), followed the Physio recommended exercises, and taken daily walks, extending the distance each day. After 16 days I am able walk 1.5 Kms (slowly) and the only pain I have is in the Hamstrings on the operated leg which are improving every day. This appears to be normal and will resolve itself (with exercise) in 6-8 weeks. The treatment and care I received from Mr Faisal and his team, as well as the nursing staff at the Nuffield, has been first class. The accommodation and food were also very good and helped me through what could have been a traumatic experience. I have had my first follow up consultation with Mr Faisal, saw the X-rays taken of the new hip in situation, and the wound is healing well with only a small scar. I look forward to my follow up Physio in a few days time. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Faisal for hip replacement, and the Superpath method which certainly has speeded up my recovery.

by Warwick Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
High quality surgical

High quality surgical skill. Pre-operative and post-operative care informative and friendly and professional. I would recommend this Super Pathway approach to anyone who qualifies for it. Speed of recovery was excellent. Both nursing and clinical care at Warwick was excellent.

by BMI The Meriden Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
Hi excellent doctor,

Hi excellent doctor, very caring but direct as well, told me to lose some weight which was absolutely right. I didn't ask many questions about my knee replacement as I had a half done but I would encourage a new patient to ask questions about anaesthetic choices, physio and full recovery time. I had forgotten how long it took to get knee bending, strong again and full scar tissue to recover. Be prepared for a long recovery for the knee to feel normal but worth it to get rid of daily ongoing pain. Stitches in knee were problematic with both operations but that is just the location as bending the knee causes pressure so be patient. Mr. Faisal encouraged me to work hard to get full knee movement back which I did with help of regular physio and exercise bike/exercises at home. It was the second operation with Mr Faisal and was very pleased with result. I would recommend.

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