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by Warwick Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery

I had a SUPERPATH total hip replacement by Mr Faisal on 28 January 2022. He and his team treated me with the utmost respect, care and above all dignity at all times. I was very anxious on the day, and they were all so kind and caring to me, including the girls in theatre on that morning who put me totally at ease. The anesthetist was so nice and competent and I felt safe and secure. Mr Faisal came to see me as soon as I came round in the recovery room and reassured me that everything went well with the procedure. I walked on that day, and returned home the following afternoon. I am now four and a half weeks into my recovery - I can walk without any aid, I can drive my car, I can go back to the pool and I feel well on the way back to my old life. I have been attending physio at the Nuffield Gym in Rugby and have had great care from Dev who again has been very professional and patient. Mr Faisal saw me at four weeks post op and he spent a full 30 minutes with me, and I felt he had great patience and understanding. As there are no restrictions following this surgery, I was able to mobilise very quickly and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Faisal, his team and especially the SUPERPATH technique

by BMI The Meriden Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
After many years of

After many years of constant pain which I though was back related, I was referred to Mr Faisal in February 2021. After a number of scans & x-rays at the BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry he diagnosed arthritis in both my hips & recommended I had both replaced. I had the right surgery in April 2021 & within days was back on my feet & within 5 weeks out of pain, I had the left side surgery in October 2021, whilst recover has been slower I was back on my feet straight way & out of pain in 7 weeks. The surgery itself was excellent, Mr Faisal came to see me before he went into surgery, he was very good & explained the details of the surgery along with the anesthetic options. Admission was straight forward & I was discharged the following day. His bedside manner was excellent, I felt confident & reassured I was in god hands throughout & I would thoroughly recommend anyone needing hip or knee surgery to request his services.

by The Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
After hip

After hip replacement I was back driving after 4 weeks and going to the gym. After 6 weeks I was walking 2 miles and cycling 3 miles and now gradually expanding these. I hope to get back to running after 8-9 months following Mr Faisal's advice. The operation has been a great success and Mr Faisal has been very helpful in telling me what I can do and cannot do in my recovery.

by The Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
Excellent from

Excellent from every point of view. The communication from the administrators (Penny Globe) was exemplary. The diagnosis and explanation of the X-ray and ultrasound was clear and understandable. The operation itself was as good as I could have expected and Mr Faisal communicated what he found and did without delay. It is now just over two months since the procedure was carried out, and every5hing is going well; in fact better than I could have anticipated.

by The Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
From an initial

From an initial consultation in April, via right hip Superpath surgery in July at a time to suit me, to discharge in October, Mr Faisal informed and supported me every step of the way. He explained things in details and answered all my questions in a reassuring way. His courtesy and professionalism was peerless. I was driving again within three weeks and walking (in heels) without crutches or walking sticks after three months. The best thing of all is that I am pain free and have my mobility back.

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