} FAQs - Hip & Knee Surgery


What to expect during consultation?

When you attend Mr Faisal’s clinic, the first priority is to establish the source of your symptoms and pain. Mr Faisal will take a detailed history and then examine your hip or knee as the case may be. Please discuss any medical problems you have any previous surgeries and complication as these will help in reaching a diagnosis. You will then be examined and if needed Mr Faisal will arrange for you to have an X ray and then see you back in clinic and discuss treatment options with you. He will also explain what the procedure involves and any complications associated with it.

How Many days will I be In Hospital after Hip or Knee surgery?

Most patients will be in hospital for three day or less. If you are having Minimally invasive hip surgery you may be able to go home on the second day if you meet the physiotherapy goals and are independently mobile.

What Happens after I go Home?

On the day of discharge you will be given your prescribed medication to take home and also exercise sheet so that you can do them at home. You will be booked to attend Physiotherapy in the coming week to have a one to one session with the physiotherapist. You will also have an appointment to attend the hospital for a wound check. Mr Faisal will also arrange for you to attend to see him in his clinic in a couple of weeks.

What should I do if I have a problem after surgery?

If you have any concerns after surgery get in touch with the hospital and you will get relevant advise and if needed you will be seen back at the hospital. If you have pain, redness or any problem with the wound you should get in touch with the hospital or Mr Faisal’s secretary to arrange a consultation as soon as possible.