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by BMI The Meriden Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
From start to finish

From start to finish of my hip replacement Mr Faisal took great care to explain the fast path procedure and what was involved. putting my mind at rest therefore I was happy to undergo this treatment. The results were incredible being able to get on enjoying life once again.

by BMI The Meriden Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
I recently had a

I recently had a SuperPath hip replacement carried out by Mr. Mohammad Faisal and he did a fantastic job! For the last 2 years I have been in constant pain 24 hours a day at the same intensity as a severe tooth ache. Now only 3 weeks after the operation I am around 85% pain free and can now touch my toes and also put on my socks. Mr. Faisal is a total professional and he has a wonderful bedside manner and makes his patients feel very confident about the outcome of their operation as they know they are in the hands of a very experienced and excellent surgeon. I cannot recommend Mr. Faisal enough!

by The Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
Hi underwent a total

Hi underwent a total hip replacement with the Superpath proceedure and have been amazed how quickly I’ve bounced back.sitting here at day 21 with no pain, restrictions and walking with a very slight gait that will correct as my muscle strength improves There will always be initial discomfort having a hip replacement ,but the level of pain with this procedure was under control very quickly and by day 4 was just on paracetamol and the occasional naproxen. Walking on a frame within 24 hrs and on crutches within 48hrs Down to 1 crutch by day 6 , Driving at day 9 and occasional crutches use at about day 12 and most importantly no restrictions on movement re bending etc. Moving round the house with no crutches, up and down stairs normally at about day 12/14 Mr Faisal was very open and has a calming manner which was reassuring and I am delighted with my outcome.i fully recommend Mr Faisal and completely advocate the Superpath procedure

by BMI The Meriden Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
I had total hip

I had total hip replacement Dr Jefferson gave me spinal anaesthetic which was great after about 3hours when I came round I felt perfect no after effects. Next day I got up started walking Mr faisal came to see me and said all went well next day I was discharged MrFaisal a man you can talk to and is surgical skills are excellent after one week I stopped pain killers and walking without crutches I have made a full recovery with the skills of Mr Faisal and is team at BMI Coventry. I would recommend him to anyone excellent

by The Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital on Hip & Knee Surgery
I agree

I agree wholeheartedly with all the positive comments about Mr Faisal. He explained the Superpath procedure clearly and listened to any concerns that I had at my initial consultation. My speedy recovery clearly indicates that the operation was successfully carried out. After a month, I can walk unaided and am no longer reliant on pain killers. I would strongly recommend Mr Faisal to anyone needing a hip replacement. My considerable thanks go to Mr Faisal and his team.

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